Silence Isn’t All That Golden

Endorsing things isn’t something I do very often, partly due to lack of free time and partly due to complacency with my day to day routine. I naturally assume that everyone is already aware of everything that I’m aware of and doesn’t need to be told about it. However that is not, in fact, the case – is it? So I want to talk to you about background noise.

I spend a lot of time at home, in my studio, working on illustrations. One of the biggest problems faced by people who work alone is dealing with the silence that you wouldn’t get in an office environment.

I know a lot of self-employed people, myself included, completely up sticks and take their work into the nearest café and sit there with their laptop all afternoon spending their hard earned money on mochafrappalattechinos until they’re broke and completely buzzing. The ambient background noise is great for helping you focus, but the cost of those coffees isn’t great on your bank balance.

Introducing, Fake Background Noise

I’ve found a solution and ever since I found it I’ve never looked back. Maybe it won’t solve all your attention deficit issues but for me it’s really helped me stay on track in a silent studio. It’s a website called and the creator, Dr. Stephane Pigeon, has been around the world collecting crystal clear sound recordings of all manner of different things. A cosy fireplace, a creaking sail boat, rain pattering on the outside of a tent, the haunting melody of Tibetan voices, rushing streams, chirping birds and so very many more. There’s even the option to open several sounds at once and build a sound-scape of your own choosing.

The reason I found the site in the first place though was because they have a whole range of “atmospheres” recorded including – and this brings me back to what I was talking about – background noise of the hum of a café in full swing. Clinking cups, the muffled murmur of conversations, it was exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t even have to subscribe. The website is run entirely on donations and I was more than happy to chip in for something of such quality.

I recommend you take a look, or a listen, to the website and see for yourself because I can’t even begin to tell you all of the different sounds themes available. Plus, if you donate you become a patron of the site for life and you get to use the Magic Generators and I heartily recommend them too. It uses random algorithms to put sound-scapes together along a specific theme; one of my favourite ones is Sirens Song. I spent literally hours listening to it whilst I was creating some of my really intricate colouring in designs, it was extremely meditative.

Artists, writers, role play gamers and people who like to have a little unobtrusive background noise whilst they work – go and have a look at and you can thank me later.